The Beauty of Passing Things will be published by Adenium in April 2017

My debut novel, Frumusețea lucrurilor trecătoare(The Beauty of Passing Things), about the life of foreign students in Kyoto, will be published by Adenium Publishing House this coming spring. I will post any additional information concerning the launch date and events as soon as it becomes available.

The Beauty of Passing Things was my first serious return to writing in Romanian after seven years of predominantly writing in English. I wouldn’t have had the courage for it had it not been for the constant encouragements and corrections of Andrada Fiscutean and Anița Țicală, who were with me from the first to the last chapter and along the arduous journey to publishing. For their unwavering friendship and support, I owe them a great debt of gratitude.

This novel is also the first of this kind I have written, my tendency usually being to lean towards more whimsical and outlandish subjects, but when I left Japan I felt the need to say something about what I experienced there. For someone whose main pleasure in writing comes from inventing unexpected adventures as she creates them, writing a memoir would have understandably been a dull chore, but by choosing a semi-autobiographical format, it became a story I thought I knew, but that wound up surprising me as I wrote it. So in the end I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope future readers will feel the same while reading it.

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